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Hybrid pitch by injection


A surface with optimal conditions all year round

Precision stitching technology,
100% electric and with laser guidance

State-of-the-art stitching

The hybrid grass system called “stitching” consists of injecting synthetic fibers on the ground, every 2 centimeters, to a depth of 18 centimeters. This system increases the horizontal and vertical stability of the natural surface.

Recommended field profile

Before the injection of synthetic fibers, each phase of the implementation must be carried out by a competent team experienced in the construction of high-level hybrid pitches. Contact us to learn more about the profile required for the implementation of our technology.

A technology that combines
reliability and precision

  • Increase of the usage intensity by 3
  • Frequent alternation between football and rugby.
  • Constant, stable playing surface, resistant to intensive use
  • Longevity of 10 years
  • Power supply: no oil stains on the field, no compaction
  • Homogeneous, fully electric, laser-guided injection
  • A stitching rate exceeding 500 sqm per day, per machine
  • Fast and accurate stitching without overlaps or missed rows
  • Choice of 3 different synthetic fibers

Why choose the stitching system ?

A fast implementation,
a high-performance surface all year round

Stadium managers

Reinforcement of the pitch in complex infrastructures,
reliability of the surface during games

center managers

Increased usage intensity

Some references:

A technology that has charmed
the largest infrastructures

A unique know-how in the implementation
of hybrid surfaces by injection


Natural Grass boasts an expert design office, experienced in the design and management of complex projects. With all existing hybrid turf systems at its disposal, the company is able to propose the most appropriate turf technology to suit the initial site configurations. To this end, GrassMax technology has been implemented by our teams on several sites in France and abroad where it proved to be the most appropriate.


GrassMax hybrid turf technology belongs to the ‘stitching’ category. Hybridization is easy to implement once the ground profile has been completed. One or more stitching machines (depending on the urgency of the schedule) are delivered to site, and inject fibers at a rate of around 2,000 bunches/minute. Fiber can be injected before or after sowing. A team of professionals remains on site at all times during the stitching process.


Nos experts se mobilisent pour vous accompagner dans la montée en compétence de l’équipe d’entretien pour préserver les qualités agronomiques et mécaniques de la surface hybride par injection sur le long terme.

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