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The Art of the Surface
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A few achievements

The Historical

The Aube stadium is special to us. It is the first stadium equipped by Natural Grass with AirFibr technology in 2013. Thanks to the first customers who trusted us!

The Trailblazer

The London Colney training center was a trailblazer in the implementation of new technologies. Arsenal was the first club to adopt a hybrid technology (injection) in its training center, then the first club to introduce AirFibr with the construction of 2 AirFibr pitches in 2016 and 2017.

The Legendary

Construction of the removable pitch of the legendary Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Phase 1: 2020, Phase 2: 2021 Phase 3: 2022 Construction of 2 pitches at the training center including an AirFibr in 2016

The Symbolic

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium is a stadium built for the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2018. As a symbol, it was built in Kamaishi, the city almost totally destroyed by the 2011 tsunami. The stadium's AirFibr pitch was recognized by the Japanese media "as the most beautiful of the competition."

The Admirable

After building two AirFibr pitches in 2017, OGC Nice decided to expand its training center and build two more hybrid pitches in 2020, a mission once again entrusted to Natural Grass.

The Demanding

The National Rugby Center has 2 AirFibr hybrid fields built by Natural Grass. The maintenance of the whole site is carried out with rigor and high standards by our maintenance team.

The Spectacular

The Monaco performance center is located in an exceptional site, nestled on the cliff of La Turbie, with a panoramic view over the Mediterranean. Natural Grass built the hybrid injection turf for the new center.

The Ambitious

The Oran Stadium is one of the most ambitious stadiums ever built in Africa. Natural Grass Africa is in charge of the design, construction and maintenance of the venue's turfs. Both the stadium and the replica pitch are equipped with AirFibr technology and a state-of-the-art turf farm.

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