Natural Grass
The Art of the Surface
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Creating the conditions for beautiful game

Meeting the standards
of high-level football

Tailor-made surfaces to meet the needs of large teams

Our technologies are the result of more than 10 years of research and development, with the objective of designing custom solutions that combine sports performance and reduced risk of injury. Sprint, hook, catch, pass... Our research teams have developed innovative tools that allow them to tirelessly study the specific movements of football players, and optimising our technological solutions.

Hybrid grass: Natural playing comfort and unequalled resistance

By enhancing the capabilities of natural grass through innovation, Natural Grass has developed turf surfaces that offer greater horizontal and vertical stability. Resistant to weather hazards, the hybrid grass allows to significantly increase the playing time. The pitch is no longer muddy, bad weather is no longer a problem, and our technologies allow the beautiful game to thrive.

Equipping the most prestigious clubs

Natural Grass has always been committed to providing soccer players from the biggest clubs with a working tool that allows them to fully express their potential and technical skills. Many clubs, including some of the most demanding (Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal…) have chosen to trust us to build playing surfaces that match their ambitions.

Building legends :
Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabèu stadium

The pitch is no longer a simple green rectangle,
but becomes the medium of expression for the finest technical gestures

Creating more sustainable
football pitches

Data collection and processing tools, developed for the needs of the top level

At Natural Grass, we are convinced that exploiting data is essential to understand the use of the playing surface by athletes, but also to implement a more rational consumption of natural resources. Our R&D team has advanced skills in IoT, data analysis and monitoring, enabling us to develop our own in-house data collection and analysis tools (connected weather station, NG Predict pitch monitoring application, etc.) for more accurate and responsible maintenance.  

R&D: To be forerunners in the development of virtuous sports infrastructures

Natural Grass invests more than one million euros each year in R&D, particularly in the development of ambitious agronomic programs aiming for 0 phyto. Our research department of experts is constantly on the lookout for new innovative devices to reduce the carbon footprint of sports structures. Hand in hand with the R&D teams, they imagine together the surfaces of tomorrow, not hesitating to go off the beaten tracks to imagine more virtuous systems. For example, Natural Grass now offers solutions for storing wastewater under the pitch, with the possibility of treating it for reuse in watering.

Creating safer surfaces for top-level athletes

Our Research Center in Biomechanics and Soil Mechanics

The House Innovation is the epicenter of our research in biomechanics and soil mechanics. Our objective is to better understand the interaction between the athlete and the surface, and to translate its findings into performance tools that can be used by technical, medical and maintenance staff. To this end, we have developed various pitch characterization tools. Our researchers and partners in public laboratories work with high-level soccer players.

The surface, the athlete's
main work tool

Like the shoe, the surface is a fundamental element in understanding the performance and muscle fatigue stakes for athletes. Too soft, too hard, poorly maintained, it can have dramatic consequences on the safety of players. The challenge for Natural Grass since the creation of the company has been to meet, in the best possible way, the expectations of performance and injury prevention of high-level athletes, especially in training centers.

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