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Synergy between
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The role of Groundstaff and the success of the football teams

Over the years it has become no secret that a good pitch maintenance department plays a pivotal role in the success of the team. Sports pitches have become better, safer and faster, safer than ever before. Football in particular has evolved over the years, so much so that it is believed the game has become 20% faster than 30 years ago.  

It is by no coincidence this is also around the same time as the first hybrid pitch was introduced into the sporting arena. With the advancement of pitch technologies, there also needed to be an advancement in Pitch maintenance.  

Thanks to social media, the eyes of the world are on groundstaff now, lets not forget, a football pitch represents the venue. If the computers go down on a matchday, it will be talked about and then forgotten. However, if a pitch deteriorates, it can attract significant attention. You could have the best looking, state-of-the-art stadium, but if the pitch is poor, it unfortunately reflects poorly on the stadium and the club. 

This is why it is so important to invest in the pitch and good staff, a good maintenance company with a good groundsteam can save you money in the long run. The dedication showed by the groundstaff ensuring the pitches are in the best possible condition for the athletes compliments the playing styles of the teams.  

Whilst having a well presented playing surface is every grounds persons objective they are NOT the most important factors that are considered first:  

  1. Playability 
  2. Player Safety 

Ensuring the surface is safe and level with no undulations are the priority for the groundstaff this in turn allows the players to have trust in the surface, allowing them to concentrate of what they need to do. A well maintained pitch optimises the players performance, with a smooth consistent surface the ball will roll smoother allowing for better ball control, accurate passing and faster play. 

This ethos is has played a pivotal role in the success of Natural Grass, our objective is to train our staff to understand the requirements of each venue, as every venue has its own unique microclimate, not only that, our staff are trained to support the coaching staff and venue management.  

This guiding principle has been instrumental in the triumph of Natural Grass. Our core objective revolves around equipping our staff with the expertise to comprehend the nuanced demands of each venue. Recognising that every venue harbours its distinct microclimate, we prioritise tailored training programs aimed at ensuring our staff are adept at addressing the specific needs of each location. 

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond mere pitch maintenance; our staff are diligently trained to collaborate seamlessly with coaching staff and venue management. This collaborative approach ensures that our efforts are aligned with broader objectives, thereby fostering synergy and maximising the potential for success. By integrating seamlessly into the operational fabric of each venue, our staff not only uphold the integrity of the playing surface but also contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of venue operations.

Groundstaff play a vital role in the surface performance, below are a few simple examples:  


how vital it pitch is for Scrums, or for a winger having a line break stepping a player, ensuring his foot is firmly positioned for the traction aspect to ensure that player can turn as sharp as he wants.  


How a safe flat playing surface cut a the ideal height can assist with the roll of the play, how a groundsman aims to apply a syringe cycle of water prior to kick off and at halftime to enure the ball zipps along the surface when passed. 


A flat, well maintained green can influence the speed of the green, creating much better playing conditions for that sports person. 


Sports has evolved into a data driven science. Every move, every decision, how much a player runs, what area of the pitch a player runs into has been meticulously analysed, teams strive for precision, seeking to get that extra edge to outperform the opponents.   

With this data the coaches can fine tune strategies. Every single aspect of the game is scrutinised to give them that that advantage. Having a good grounds department that understands the teams requirements can give the team that “Home” Advantage. Anything we do to support the team we will do our utmost to ensure that the team benefit from our experience and knowledge.  

Little bits seem like nothing, however, these are some examples. 

Types of construction: To aid with playability, it is imperative that the team trains on the same surface as the stadium, if the stadium pitch is an Airfibr the training ground should be an Airfibr, if the Stadium Pitch is a Stitched pitch the training ground should also be one.  

Height of cut: Emulate the Stadiums grass height to the training ground, this the playing staff can get used to the speed of the ball on the training ground that will be exactly the same at the stadium. 

Hardness values: Having the training ground pitch firmness being the same as the stadiums firmness not only allows the athlete to understand the ball bounce, it also ensures that the risk of injury is reduced. Training on a soft surface and playing on a firm surface is not good for the athlete. 

Sport has become so technical, so data driven nowadays so much so that even 1% can mean the difference between winning and losing, having a maintenance team understanding the requirements of the coaching staff can be that 1% than can aid with the success of the team.  

Away from the sporting events, having a good groundsteam can also help improve the revenue for the club, as the team can speed up the recovery of the plant following concerts or other non-tournament related events.  

Food for thought! 

Has there ever been a case where a football team has won the league of that division when the pitch was the worse in the league?